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  Book One of The Heirs of Ledhulm

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A darkness thought long forgotten breathes again

Edralan, an Iltari Queen’s Guard, and Rinkana, the prisoner he helped escape, are in over their heads when they embark on a quest to find Edralan’s missing brother. When a deathly knight wielding a cursed blade shows up before their journey even begins, they set off a chain of events that threaten the fate of their world and the people who call it home. Edralan and his friends aren’t the only ones looking for his brother...


Once enemies on the field of battle, Kedrid and Inori are forced to lean on each other for survival. When a man returns from the dead in front of their eyes to recount a disturbing tale, they lay down their differences to prevent a war that could leave Ledhulm asunder. As their situation worsens, the race to find Edralan and what he’s after might just be their only chance to prevent catastrophe.

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